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How to Create and Expand Retargeting Campaigns

retargeting campaigns
(Last Updated On: September 27, 2023)

Understanding how retargeting campaigns actually work allows us to optimize them and provide our customers with great results. We would like to share some retargeting campaign best practices that we leverage to show you how you can carry out the preparation stage smoothly.

In this article you will learn about:

  • How to prepare a retargeting campaign
  • What technologies and solutions make RTB House services effective
  • How personalization boosts retargeting campaigns

Table of contents:

How does retargeting work?

Retargeting is an advertising technique that enables brands to display personalized ads to users that have already visited their app or website before. Such a technique has several stages, in simplified terms:

  1. An internet user visits a website and looks for things they are interested in by browsing product pages. 
  2. A user engages with the content (checks out articles, learns about products, maybe adds some to the cart), and leaves.
  3. RTB House analyzes a particular user’s data and displays a brand’s personalized ads on different websites or apps. The presented creatives are based on the specific user’s activity on the client’s website. 
  4. The user sees the ad, clicks on the banner and returns to the website to make a purchase. 

Retargeting campaigns are really powerful and they can be used in many ways, but their main goal is increasing conversion/sales. With this advertising method, you can reach customers that left your website or app without making a purchase and convince them to buy, as well as re-engage those who bought something once, but haven’t been active for some time.

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What are the actual stages of running a retargeting campaign?

The optimization of advertising requires great intuition and a lot of experience, which is why RTB House experts leverage all their knowledge to create the best retargeting campaigns.

Agreeing upon the terms and signing the contract

Before any campaign starts, both sides have to agree on the business terms, to ensure transparency and successful collaboration. These terms differ – they are based on specific client’s needs and expectations. Our team analyzes each client’s business requirements, defines goals of the campaign and selects the best solutions and technical details. Then we make sure that the clients understand the responsibilities of both parties involved, and finally we can sign the contract.


The next step is to begin actual preparations with the integration phase. There are three types of tasks that have to be carried out in order to complete the integration:

  • Code-related tasks – the RTB House team comes up with tagging instructions and sends them to the client. Then, the client implements the pieces of code on their website. We then check if this has been done properly. 
  • Feed-related tasks – the client needs to think about what the content of the ad should be. They create the feed and send it to RTB House experts, who validate it and use it to design creatives.
  • Creatives-related tasks – creatives are the ads displayed to customers (content and banner). Proper ads have to be prepared and RTB House experts define the formats and prepare creatives. 

Below, we explain the necessary steps to follow in this stage.

integration phase

Leveraging the power of automation in advertising requires companies to go through an integration process, the goal of which is to integrate the client’s service and RTB House’s systems. This is, in fact, the last step that has to be taken before launching the prepared campaign. We add our tags to the client’s website to leverage users’ behavior data in our campaigns.

Monitoring the campaign

Once we are sure when the campaign will be ready, we can start it and then monitor it through the entire time. We can adjust it based on suggestions from customers and collected data on its effectiveness. We learn from each retargeting campaign we execute – advanced tools enable us to analyze its performance. Thanks to the knowledge about the weak and strong points of specific set-ups, we can identify challenges and optimize our campaigns in the future. Our experts provide clients with in-depth reports about the effectiveness of advertising.

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What solutions make RTB House retargeting effective?

We use professional, advanced tools and platforms to run retargeting campaigns, the effects of which meet the high expectations of business clients from various industries (including e-shops such as fashion shops, travel agencies, classifieds, etc.). Below, we explain exactly what makes our personalized retargeting so efficient across the entire preparation and execution stage.

Beautiful creatives

Designs – the way that particular ads are presented – have a huge impact on the overall efficiency of a campaign. Our specialists create state-of-the-art, intriguing creatives. Once we manage to reach the user with the ad, we want to be sure that it has the potential to engage them and motivate them to go back to your website or application by clicking on the banner. 

Customer support

Our skilled, dedicated account managers analyze the efficiency of clients’ campaigns and optimize them. They are not only focused on the currently performed advertising, but they are also actively interested in their client’s overall success. You will receive suggestions from them about your advertising strategy and additional actions we can take to boost your company’s efficiency even more (for example, by creating seasonal campaigns).

Personalization powered by Deep Learning

Addressing users with customized marketing messages (created based on their activity in the web or mobile environment) very effectively motivates them to buy. Selecting and displaying the right product for the banner is crucial for the retargeting campaign’s high performance. With the right communication, you can provide a person with products chosen for them with powerful recommendation systems based on Deep Learning. We achieve effective personalization by leveraging Deep Learning. Deep Learning-based solutions of our design enable us to tailor the right ads to users in different stages of the purchase funnel. Systems powered by Deep Learning can better choose to whom an ad should be displayed and at what precise moment. They can also assess the probability of the purchase, which enables us to determine the costs of impressions.

Graph explaining Deep Learning in action

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Personalized retargeting use cases

Personalized retargeting for e-commerce (and other industries) has various applications. The most essential goal here is optimizing conversion/ROI. 

Here are some examples of how in particular we can use retargeting ad campaigns to ensure your company’s success:

  • Bringing back users who abandoned their carts – there are various reasons why users leave a site without finishing their shopping, but with retargeting you can bring them back to your shop with even better-adjusted offers.
  • Providing users with adjusted offers – offering discounts and personalized offers generated based on user behavior can result in a significant increase of sales. 
  • Introducing new products and product lines to the market – do you plan to sell totally new products with features that your buyers and viewers might be interested in? Don’t lose your chance to share the information about the new offer with them. 
  • Promoting niche offers, high-margin or private label goods – you should address only a narrow audience that requires certain specific products and services. Advanced techniques such as user segmentation and DL-based personalization allow us to carry out even very complex campaigns. 
  • Encouraging visitors to make the first purchase customers are often cautious when they consider making the first purchase in an online shop they haven’t used before. Thanks to Deep Learning use cases, the right product selection and the right timing, we increase the chance of turning visitors into buyers.

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Ask us, how retargeting campaigns can be leveraged in your business. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with an offer adjusted to your needs. 

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