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RTB House – an international tech company developing its in-house tools for buying ads in Real-Time Bidding (RTB) – is extending its sales management force in Poland and Romania. In March, the RTB team welcomed Wojciech Głowacki and Catalin Emilian.

Wojciech Głowacki joins RTB House as a Business Development Director for Poland, and will be responsible for sales operations, business strategy creation, partnerships, and new directions for business development on the Polish market. Głowacki aims to strengthen company image on the market and facilitate success in the Polish sales department.
Głowacki comes from a background in the online professional services industry. He managed business development for more than 8 years at Netshare, Redefine and Onet Group. He has also worked with companies like Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa and Telekomunikacja Polska.
Catalin Emilian also joins RTB House as a Country Manager for Romania, and will concentrate on developing company presence on the local market by extending the client portfolio and launching new products.

With 10-year experience in online market, Emilian was for last 7 years in charge of managing business activities in Romania and Moldova for Gemius, the international research agency.
Daniel Surmacz, Chief Operating Officer for RTB House, emphasized that the company is expanding its business activity in the near future, which requires investment in highly experienced and specialised management personnel. “Exploring new markets is an essential part of RTB House’s long-term growth strategy. We must keep in mind that adding fresh faces and new thinkers to challenge and grow our existing structure will bring us even more spectacular success” – summarized Surmacz.

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