Best weekdays to purchase
(Last Updated On: July 5, 2022)


Users are more likely to click on banner ads and buy a promoted product on weekdays, with the highest conversions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The results come from an aggregated data analysis of campaigns carried out by RTB House, a global company providing state-of-the-art retargeting technology, across more than 40 markets. The largest sales peaks were seen between 2-4 PM  and 8-11 PM.

Shopping is no longer a weekend errand, as consumers today browse e-commerce websites more often throughout the weekdays and far less on the weekends. According to aggregated data from dozens of markets across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Pacific, Middle East and Africa, the number of clicks and conversions heightened especially on Tuesdays, where 37% more clicks and 43% conversions were seen. This overshadows the worst e-commerce day for purchasing, Saturday, where purchasing decisions (based on ad-clicks) decline significantly at just 11% of the total week’s results.
Experts from RTB House explain why we’re seeing weekday shopping trends and how knowledge of these behaviors is the key to success in the e-commerce industry. “A decade ago, computers and the internet weren’t the primary shopping channel, and people mostly spent their free time on the computer for commercial purposes. Today, the saturation of online connectivity, smartphones, tablets in the workweek allow shoppers to finalize a purchase anytime, and anywhere.”

With a growing amount of data about buying behavior, and shopping trends changing as technology shifts, marketers need to know more about their target audience than ever before. With better data, the sooner marketers can react to buying trends, and deliver more accurate, personalized messages during peak times for users, the better.
“This is where artificial intelligence steps into the game” say RTB House experts “Self-learning algorithms used in personalized retargeting (powered by deep learning technologies) mimic the way neurons in our brain work. With captured data, they can analyze markets 24/7 and react to every small change out there. It enables advertising activities to be adjusted for individuals within days, hours or even minutes to exploit the highest buying potential in the way that hasn’t been possible before.”
The study is based on data collected from more than 1,000 campaigns conducted in the RTB model, an online ad technology that allows the purchase and sale of single ad views in real time. The data was derived from personalized retargeting tools developed by RTB House.

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