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What is Brand Visibility and How Can it be Measured?

brand visibility
(Last Updated On: September 25, 2023)

In order to ensure that your brand gets enough exposure, you need to take care of your brand’s visibility. How do you know if all your company’s marketing campaigns reach your desired audience and have the right impact? There are various tools and practices that allow you to assess viewability and improve your brand’s visibility. Take better control of your business, by leveraging the best of them.

In this article you will learn about:

  • Brand visibility and its meaning and purpose
  • Ways to increase a brand visibility
  • Ad Viewability and VCR as metrics of brand visibility

Table of Contents:

What does brand visibility mean?

Brand visibility is the rate at how widely your brand is seen by your audience. Most companies promote themselves through multiple channels. There are tools that can help you measure the number of customers that have noticed your organization. Your marketing campaigns’ goal is to attract the proper group of customers to your company. Learning your ad’s viewability (the percentage of ad impressions that has been actually viewed by users) will allow you to develop a strategy for improving your brand visibility.

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What positively affects your brand visibility?

If your viewability rate is low, you should come up with some ideas for improving your brand visibility. This requires experience, some knowledge of the marketing solutions for a particular industry and… good intuition. There are three very significant questions you should consider before investing in any marketing campaign:

  1. What – what is your message for the audience?
  2. How – how do you plan to reach potential customers (channel, budget etc.)?
  3. When – when is the right time to catch a particular customer’s attention?

How exactly can you increase your brand’s visibility and advertising viewability?

Focus on developing the best possible marketing strategy

It is not difficult to promote posts on Facebook. This will also probably not ensure your company’s success. Truly creative brands leverage unique brand visibility ideas. They don’t follow the easiest way, but they try to stand out from the competition. One of the ways to do so is to leverage the potential of video ads. They are more memorable than other types of advertising because they catch both the ear and the eye of the user. Apart from that, video ads have a CTR 7.5 times higher than display ads. Analyze your market and targeted groups and choose only adequate communication channels and prepare the highest-quality content to share with your audience

Create exceptional ads of different types

There are many ways to present your offer or business ideas. For example, video ad campaigns affect users visually and with sound. Short, well-prepared videos can efficiently present even more complex ideas and offers. All you need to do is to distinguish your brand’s video ads from other commercials, by selecting the right moment to promote  your company, displaying videos frequently and improving your video ad placement. You can entrust video ad management to our RTB House team experienced in publishing premium video, audio, CTV campaigns and providing streaming services.

Make sure you reach the right audience

AI-based contextual targeting allows you to show your content to the right audience. Our solutions for business are based on Deep Learning and DCO (Dynamic Creatives Optimization). The powerful tools’ precision ensures that your offer is presented to those, who are the most interested in it. Such an approach not only increases brand visibility and ad efficiency, but also protects the brand’s reputation, by presenting campaigns in a context that makes sense to consumers. What is also essential, the best contextual targeting tools provide business users with filters and the capability to block displaying ads on web pages with sensitive content, which the brand would not like to be associated with.

Offer more personalization

Customers like to think that you are in here just for them – that’s nothing unusual. After all, we all like to feel important and taken care of. You can make your potential customer feel special, by leveraging content/ad personalization. Show them that you understand their interests, preferences and needs, by displaying ads that truly catch potential customer’s attention at a specific time.

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How do you measure brand visibility?

Companies that promote their offers by creating professional video campaigns can measure their effectiveness with analytics. One way is, of course, to study the number of views, likes, click-through and shares. You can also monitor the viewability and efficiency of your video ads by checking the completion rate. 

Ad Viewability

Viewability metrics allow you to learn the ad’s potential to be viewed by the audience. The MRC standard is focusing on 50% of an ad for 1 or 2 seconds is still widely used, but more and more brands are looking for more challenging standards either on ad surface or in-view time. 

A lot of companies measure the efficiency of their marketing campaigns of various types (social media campaigns, video campaigns etc.) by analyzing metrics like CTR (click-through rate). While this is definitely one of the most important metrics, in many pure branding campaigns visibility is more important than clickability.

In-time view

In-view time is very much related to viewability. This metric provides data on how long the ad was viewable to the end user, which is essential for increasing users’ exposure to a brand. Time spent viewing the ads also acts as a proxy for brand awareness because more time with a brand message in-view means increased opportunity to imprint a message on consumers. Given that video ads are an ideal medium to deliver storytelling through sight, sound and motion focusing on in-view time is hugely beneficial for the brands.

Video completion rate

Video completion rate (VCR) is a metric which tells you what percentage of the audience actually watched your video from the beginning to the end. You need to know that in order to improve your video campaign’s quality or targeting. Low VCR informs you: 

  • that your users are not interested in a certain video (hence, your ad’s targeting can be improved),
  • or that the ad is not good enough to engage them for a longer time (in which case, you should focus on the quality of your marketing creations). 

While facing the challenge of reaching the optimal amount of impressions, you also have to remember about user experience. It is crucial to make sure that your potential customers will not become annoyed with your attempts to promote your content. Carefully consider whether you will use skippable or non-skippable ads. Non-skippable ads are those that the user cannot skip, if they want to get access to the full content on the website or in application. They can help you get your potential customer’s attention for the required time, but you should remember not to display it too often. Otherwise, the user can become irritated and leave the page, before the ad is finished or worse – they will start to associate your brand with aggressive advertising. 

VCR shows you how many of your viewers experienced the video fully – without skipping parts of it or leaving the page before the entire video was played. It allows you to measure the performance and ROI of your video content, in order to manage your campaigns better. A high video completion rate also positively affects the organic reach of your content. Social media algorithms display video ads to a wider audience, if other users find them interesting and watch them from start to finish. 

What is the purpose of measuring brand visibility?

Assessing both – brand visibility and brand awareness – are popular approaches leveraged by businesses all over the world in order to measure their marketing strategy effectiveness. Yet, the brand awareness analysis only provides you with the feedback on how your customers perceive your organization. Such information will tell you if you succeed in building a certain image of your brand. On the other hand, brand visibility analysis tells you if you are promoting your brand optimally – if it is visible for potential customers. 

Based on in-view time, ad viewability and video completion rate, you can measure your branding campaign efficiency objectively. Numbers don’t lie. Track these metrics, and you’ll be able to come up with more specific ideas to improve your advertising.

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