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Deep Learning was in our DNA from the start!

(Last Updated On: July 5, 2022)


Artificial intelligence has been in our company’s DNA from the very beginning – back when we started with just a bunch of people about 4 years ago. We have always had a strong belief that only a great technology supported by good customer care and smart people adjusting solutions to each client’s needs would get us to the top.

Our mantra was similar to Steve Jobs, in that “innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have.”
We built a retargeting solution from the ground up, from the beginning till now being purposely effective in terms of resources involved (people, money and other things). And when Deep Learning became the hottest tech trend of our time, we had already humbly used forms of that method to power retargeting for customers.
Deep Learning is a rapidly growing subfield of AI which uses neural networks that imitate the human brain to process data and pattern-making decisions. It sounds complex, but for those of us who were using Artificial Intelligence from the start, it is just a natural evolution of who we are!
Today, self-learning algorithms help in almost every industry, from healthcare and retail, to self-driving cars or personal assistants. They can help diagnose conditions from spine injuries or heart disease or cancer. Deep Learning algorithms can even play a role in creative digital arts, adding color to black and white photos, or creating completely new neural network photographs.

Possibilities offered by deep learning are also most notably used in the advertising industry. Self-learning algorithms can help achieve super accurate product recommendations, while also better predicting if and when a user will buy a product (conversion potential) or the value of purchase (conversion value).  Finally making personalized retargeting up to 50% more efficiently than before.
At RTB House, our ultra-fast and selective approach of applying newest tech solutions within the fields like data analysis, cloud computing or real-time processing allowed us to compete effectively.
But Deep Learning isn’t just about offering something that’s “hot in the news.” Our goal is to go beyond state-of-the-art, by improving the best-known solutions and linking them together to multiply added-value.
Despite us having a head start on Deep Learning – we know its potential hasn’t been fully unlocked yet. With our new Deep Learning Essentials educational series and work with our customers, we’re hoping to evangelize the industry and build products that have never been seen before!

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