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More than 4 years ago, Google announced that it will end support for 3rd-party cookies in the Google Chrome browser. According to the current plans, this change will become effective in early 2025.

The transition to the cookieless

Even though other browsers (Firefox, Safari, and Edge) have already limited or completely blocked 3rd party cookies, it’s Google’s decision that brings a real revolution to the industry due to Chrome’s over 60% market share. Parties affected by this update will need to adapt to the new normal. However, the transition to the cookieless world doesn’t have to be painful.

What can you find in this section?

The key will be to enter the cookieless future being fully capable of displaying retargeting ads in a new setup. At RTB House, we have been closely involved in the development of the marketing APIs of tomorrow, such as the Privacy Sandbox. RTB House is one of the leading DSPs supporting legitimate advertising use cases while respecting user privacy, and our platform infrastructure is ready for the upcoming changes.

In this category, you can find all the important information about cookieless: articles explaining how retargeting, personalized ads and bidding will work in the cookieless future; media reviews collecting industry news and Privacy Sandbox updates; and a series of cookieless videos deeply explaining the topic. It’s followed by our regular commentary articles on the latest updates and interviews with media agencies where we look at their perspectives.

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