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European Tech Meets Latin America

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(Last Updated On: July 5, 2022)


Ad tech company RTB House expands to Latin America, bringing the success of European online display advertising to LATAM markets. The company specializes in sophisticated retargeting scenarios and operates worldwide. It currently concentrates on business development in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico. It has recently established its branch in São Paulo, and announces Rodrigo Framil as Business Director Brazil and Wojciech Głowacki as Business Development Director LATAM.

Online advertising in Latin America is growing rapidly, with ad spending in the region set to rise to $7 billion last year, one of the largest year-to-year growth values in the world. Programmatic represented 35% of total display spend in LATAM in 2014, according to Magna Global Intelligence, and it will command 61% by 2018.
The three-year old European company RTB House has seen rapid growth in delivering programmatic solutions for marketing professionals, recently launching activities in the APAC region (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore) and now Latin America.

High Demand for “author’s technology” in LATAM

Daniel Surmacz, Chief Operating Officer RTB House, notes that the reason of growing usage of programmatic solutions in LATAM is identical to needs in other global markets – “Advertisers, regardless of the region, are excited to hear about advertising scenarios tailored for their individual needs. We are confident, that our state-of-the-art technology and innovative retargeting scenarios will help clients from the region to reach the most promising buyers, higher returns on their online marketing, advertising and sales revenues,” emphasizes Surmacz.

Bringing European Market Success to Latin America

RTB House operations in the region will be carried out under Wojciech Głowacki, Business Development Director LATAM, an experienced manager with more than 10 years of practice in online business.

“Only a few companies in Central and Eastern Europe can boast such dynamic development and continue global expansion on the same level as RTB House. I’m extremely happy to take part in this exciting opportunity to expand abroad, and build strong company structures for Latin American marketers,” says Głowacki.

Brazil as Top Priority

RTB House is initially focusing on the business development in Brazil and that is the reason why it hired an experienced manager with the relevant local know-how. A new branch will be led by Rodrigo Framil who joins the company after spending the past four seasons as Managing Director for Latin America in competitive company myThings.
“I decided to be part of RTB House because I really believe in its technology. The knowledge and experience that this company has gathered from emerging markets of Eastern and Western countries can help the Brazilian e-commerce players to use the full potential of their retargeting solutions. By implementing sophisticated retargeting scenarios tailored for each case, Brazilian advertisers should expect to see amazing results like never before,” sums ups Framil.

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