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How AI Helps in More Efficient Video Advertising

Streaming video ads
(Last Updated On: September 27, 2023)

With video advertising evolving to make campaigns more efficient and effective, there’s a reason why online marketers are falling in love with the technology.

In this article you will learn about:

  • The increasing importance of video advertising
  • The proper targeting of streaming video ads

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If you are reading this article, there’s a good chance you either saw or will see some video advertising content on your device. Over the last few years, video format has become much more than just a platform for online video advertising. We use video every day to learn, chat with our loved ones, search for cooking recipes, and shop. The report, “The Sustainable Future of Video Entertainment”, shows that video already accounts for most of the internet traffic. Advertisers need to adapt to meet this emerging trend, but they can’t just release a TV ad in the online space and hope for the best – it needs to be done intelligently. This is why they need to find a way to create compelling, targeted video advertising content and ensure that it reaches the right users.

Advertising with video is a high impact way to spread a brand’s message

Video growth is no surprise. It has always been a very intuitive and easy way to consume content. In recent years, technology advancements have helped make it available on any device, any geolocation, and any language. Brands follow users where they are, this is why advertising with video has rapidly become one of the main ways that brands interact with consumers across their entire marketing mix.

How large is this move to the video space? Video marketing statistics show that 87% of marketers surveyed said they use online video advertising in some form. Many have attempted to stand out by simply creating higher-quality creatives than their competitors, some are trying different targeting methods, and some want to maximize ad impact by collaborating with celebrities and influencers.

While content is indeed the most important thing, quality of the ad delivery is crucial. Online video ads have always been pricey and a growing number of advertisers interested in this format have pushed CPMs even higher. Fraudulent behavior always follows the money and the case of the CTV Ad Fraud exposed by Oracle proved how important it is to use the right tools for video budgets.

Brands can handle those challenges by working with trustworthy players and focusing on moving away from measuring impressions into measuring views.

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Ensuring the right person gets the right ads is key

Navigating through the complexity of advertising with video is tough. Marketers are forced to follow some simplifications, merge their clients and needs into groups, test what works best, and on top of all that, they need to make it all work under a certain budget as efficiently as possible. This is extremely difficult, even for the most talented and experienced marketers.

But what if we could make AI think about all those aspects? This is where RTB House comes into play with its revolutionary Deep Learning technology that takes online video advertising to the next level. Such algorithms are analyzing the huge amount of data in a blink of an eye, and unlike conventional Machine Learning, they don’t depend on human input to look for patterns and signals useful for campaign delivery. This eliminates the vast majority of the day-to-day effort in campaign management.

The advantage of Deep Learning is even more meaningful for the most important stakeholders – the brand’s clients. Tailored creatives served at the time where the user is most likely to get engaged and watch the video in full, ensure a great user experience and up to 47% higher completion rates on video creatives.

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To make the most out of the video campaign, we put a lot of effort into three major aspects:

  • Context – our Natural Language Processing algorithms analyze 95% of the internet to get a detailed understanding of site content. This allows for the precise and scalable targeting of audiences interested in the brand’s content. It’s also related to maintaining the highest levels of brand safety, by using only a carefully analyzed inventory (site content included) bought from certified providers.
  • Personalization – we use data to personalize the viewing experience and maximize engagement with video content. This might mean showing a high-performance version of a car model to extreme-sports fans and highlighting its safety features to parents who want to keep their families safe during their travels.
  • Creatives – our in-house team produces top-quality creatives that help bring the whole package together. In the online space, simple TV ads are not good enough and our experts help to repurpose existing assets into fresh and inspiring online video ads.

More than the sum of its parts

At RTB House we keep striving to change the online marketing space. We have already used our technology in more than 3000 campaigns on over 85 markets, delivered for the world’s biggest brands and over 270 of the most renowned media agencies.

This was possible only by combining tech advantage with a team of talented people and the highest service quality. Learn how you can bring more engagement with video campaigns at RTB House at

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