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How Sports Brands Can Sustain and Gain Through 2025

Main graphic for the article describing the sports industry's future

Last Updated on: 6th December 2022, 01:41 pm

Sports brands were already trendsetters but their relevance has increased over the last two years as lifestyles have changed. People have become health conscious and are actively taking part in fitness and well-being activities. Meanwhile, the global shift away from offices (and from more formal officewear) has turned sports clothes manufacturers into the de facto tastemakers of the entire fashion industry.

As the global value of the sporting goods and apparel industry rises toward almost 400B USD in 2025, we’ve compiled an infographic with: 

  • Key stats which show the state of the industry today
  • The components of building a winning programmatic ad campaign for your sports brand
  • An overview of the bike industry and the rise of new technology  

Infographic about bike industry

One thing is true in sports: as competition increases, others raise their game. The sporting goods and apparel industry may be growing fast, but that doesn’t mean it’s all easy wins for established players. New brands are popping up, while traditional competitors are investing heavily in marketing to get their message across.

We help sports brands with online ad campaigns that achieve more than just better sales results: 

  • Sustain and gain: Retargeting ads that win online and convert intent into sales.
  • Work smarter, not harder: Better managed campaign frequency and budget.
  • Change tactics. Anytime: Start or stop sub-campaigns in real-time, reacting to opportunities.
  • Claim your place: Enable online and offline sales, as well as omnichannel experiences.
  • Show your colors: Protect your image with ads that fit your brand book and make an impact.

Find out more about our approach to advertising for sports brands, and more about our hundreds of active campaigns at

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