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[PODCAST] The Travel Marketer’s Guide to Modern Digital Marketing

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Last Updated on: 24th May 2024, 09:58 pm

Travel industries face numerous challenges when marketing online. To help you better understand how to form your marketing strategy for the modern world, we’ve compiled a series of 2-minute podcasts hosted by Jim Price, Head of Travel for RTB House America. Here’s a sneak peek of the first few.

Table of Contents:

# 1 – What is Deep Learning, and How Can It Help Travel Marketers Like You? 

The first entry will talk you through Deep Learning technology. We will explain how it differs from machine learning, and how it empowers travel marketers to more effectively connect with their customers and offer tailored offers – maximizing opportunities for conversion. 

To learn more, you can listen here. 

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# 2 – How Can Deep Learning Be Applied to Travel Marketing?

In the second piece, we discuss specifically how Deep Learning can be applied to travel marketing. This includes specific industry stats and the ways that the technology can be used in order to target specific users in the travel segment based on their interests. 

Listen here to find out more!

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# 3 – Why Are Online Travel Agencies and RTB House Perfect Companions? 

In our third installment, we discuss the ways that RTB House can augment the marketing efforts already being used by online travel agencies. We explain the commonalities between the ways that we do business, applying novel technologies, and how we can use this shared approach to maximize the impact of any campaign. 

Listen to the podcast here. 

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# 4 – How Can a Travel Marketer Maximize Reach without Breaking the Marketing Budget?

Our fourth installment tackles a controversial subject amongst marketers: should you engage multiple retargeting providers or not? For us, the data points to a clear answer, that engaging more providers increases your reach, without significantly increasing your costs. 

Find out why you should engage multiple providers and the best way to do it, by listening to the podcast here. 

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# 5 – How Can Travel Marketers Maximize the Power of Personalization?

The fifth installment discusses the power of personalization and how you can best use it to improve travel campaign efficiency.

Our special guest, Aga Olesiak, personalization expert and ABM manager, explains how online travel agencies can use personalization to reduce information overload and show potential customers information that is important to them to reduce frustration and increase engagement.

To learn more about the power of personalization, listen to this installment here.

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# 6 – How to reach your target audience in the cookieless future?

Our sixth podcast discusses a pressing issue for advertisers: How can we navigate the cookieless future?

This installment includes a guest speaker, Mateusz Rumiński, a privacy-friendly advertising project manager. Mateusz explains the efforts underway by RTB House and Google to build privacy-positive alternatives to third-party cookies, which enable precise targeting without compromising a user’s right to privacy.

Learn more about how you can prepare for the cookieless future by listening to the podcast here.

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# 7 – Incrementality and How it Applies to Travel Marketers.

The seventh podcast episode in our series helps to uncover one of the great marketing mysteries: How do you measure the real sales impact of your advertising partners?

This time our guest speaker is Jaysen Gillespie, head of analytics and data science for RTB House. Jaysen explains the ways that travel brands can use incrementality tests to understand the real impact their advertising partners have on their sales. Listen to the full episode to discover how you can implement incrementality testing into your marketing campaign today, or read our article explaining the best ways to perform incrementality testing: Is Incrementality Testing a Useful Tool? | RTB House Blog.

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