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RTB House Group is Growing Again – WhitePress® and Senuto Join Forces

Last Updated on: 13th December 2022, 12:38 pm

The RTB House group is expanding. Whitepress®, a Polish start-up that RTB House acquired in 2021, is announcing further growth of the group with the acquisition of Senuto – a company specializing in SEO, Big Data, analytics, and marketing.

Founded nearly a decade ago, WhitePress® has become the leading content marketing platform in Europe. In September, the company celebrated its entry into one of the largest global markets – Brazil. WhitePress® Group is now announcing the acquisition of Senuto, a technological leader among SEO platforms, which will allow the former to strengthen its international offer and the latter to expand and develop into new markets. 

The acquisition maintains Senuto’s complete independence and self-reliance on the existing brand and team. CEO Damian Sałkowski will remain in the structure of the Senuto Management Board, who will also support the development of the WhitePress® platform, while the founder of WhitePress®, Paweł Strykowski, will be involved in the development of Senuto.

“This transaction is not only an important business investment, but above all a great opportunity for WhitePress® to become something more than a marketplace, thanks to the appropriate technology, AI, knowledge of the SEO industry, and the expertise of Senuto specialists. The purchase mainly involves tools that complement one another well – the same market, target group, and services. Therefore, we assume that this synergy and the possibility of cross-selling will increase the value of both companies radically. We estimate that the company will gain 10% on this transaction in terms of revenues, and as much as 80% on customers. Joining forces with Senuto will not only allow us to strengthen our leading position in the area of content marketing automation and SEO activities in Poland but also abroad. The exchange of mutual know-how will certainly help here as both brands are dynamically operating outside the country,” says Paweł Strykowski, CEO of WhitePress®.

“One of Senuto’s biggest goals is to build a strong international platform to support SEO strategists. We know that by joining forces with WhitePress®, a company that understands foreign scaling perfectly and is already present with its platform in 27 countries around the world, we will significantly accelerate the achievement of this goal. We believe that our technology is able to improve the WhitePress® service, while our partner will complement Senuto’s existing offer. The comprehensiveness and integrity of services in the marketing industry are particularly important today because specialists are constantly looking for new and improved tools that can be integrated. I believe that this decision will contribute to creating a competitive offer on the international market,” Damian Sałkowski, CEO of Senuto concludes.

WhitePress® & Senuto will provide technology that will save time and money

Plans for the near future include a strong integration of both companies in terms of tools, access to analytics, all data, and the process of monetizing the platforms. Senuto will support WhitePress® in the implementation of advanced technologies based on Big Data and AI. With a strong focus on the integration of both services, the goal of the companies is to provide a solution that will allow for more effective utilization of budgets and easier planning of SEO activities. This solution is to be affordable and allow users to reduce the number of tools involved in the SEO process. In 2023, Senuto’s services will be introduced to several European markets.

Leaders of Polish MarTech

WhitePress® is a marketplace platform that supports the creation and distribution of online articles. The platform remains highly scalable internationally. It covers 25 European countries as well as Turkey and Brazil and provides access to more than 50,000 publishers. WhitePress® belongs to RTB House, a global company providing innovative marketing solutions for the largest brands from around the world, and employs 140 people in total.

Senuto is a technology company and a SaaS platform, founded in Poland in 2016. It supports the analysis of positioning results, supports positioners in the field of SEO strategy, and provides the Content Suite module that automates the creation of content in line with Google’s expectations. The platform is used by 14,000 users daily and is constantly growing.

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