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RTB House is the first DSP to successfully use Privacy Sandbox’s FLEDGE next-generation ads system, globally buying real advertising impressions

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Last Updated on: 18th July 2023, 07:48 pm

Ever since the announcement of “Privacy Sandbox” proposals, RTB House has perceived them as potential long-term, sustainable solutions supporting legitimate advertising use cases while respecting user privacy. Since January 2020, we have put every effort into making our platform fully compatible with the Privacy Sandbox vision.

As part of this work, we engaged in discussions with industry members at the W3C to conduct experiments of the new privacy-preserving advertising. At RTB House, we were convinced that such tests would bring important insights into the potential of the behavioral targeting and personalization parts of the Privacy Sandbox ecosystem. Our discussions led to the start of tests as part of an ongoing simulation. We are currently running them in compliance with Google’s specifications. The full results will be published and put up for wider discussion in the industry.

At RTB House, we have recently reached an important milestone. We have completed the initial adaptation of our technology across the whole ad-serving process using the next-generation approach. As part of this process, we have successfully demonstrated the assignment of Interest Groups to users, the bid stream flow, winning impressions, and conversion attribution. In the end, we were able to serve real ads, using bidding logic as defined by JavaScript routines. This is in full compliance with the upcoming changes.

Our future-proof system has already been used to successfully serve ad impressions in campaigns for almost 500 advertisers. We continue to work on adaptations in order to prepare for Chrome web browser tests of the FLEDGE system starting later this year.


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