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The 5 Must-Have Features of Retargeting Ads for a Fashion Brand

Retargeting in Fashion

Last Updated on: 10th May 2024, 10:38 am

The numbers keep going up. Estimates in 2021 show that each person is exposed to as many as 10,000 ads every day. Struggling to put that number in context? If you sleep for 8 hours, that means you’re seeing about ten advertisements per minute for the 16 hours you are awake. Ten. Per. Minute. What does this mean for advertisers? Simply put, if your ads are to stand out from the crowd, you need them to be good. And when they are seen, they have to perform.

In this article you will learn:

  • What are the 5 most important features of a good retargeting ad for the fashion industry?
  • How should your fashion ad look to interest potential customers?
  • What are some advanced technologies leveraged in retargeting?
  • How to run successful and safe retargeting campaigns?

Table of Contents:

What makes a good ad? 

Above all else, you need to have great products that are of interest to customers. Assuming you have that, we would like to share some of our brief thoughts regarding the top 5 things that make a brilliant piece of online advertising for fashion retailers. These are the details that can make the difference. Remember: if you want to put your money on retargeting ads, you only have a small box — usually only 750 pixels wide and 200 high. And you only have a couple of seconds to catch the customer’s attention. So what could make the difference between a good ad and an average one?

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All ads should be… 


It may seem strange to lead with sustainability, but the fashion industry has several well-known problems with sustainability, sourcing, and business models. We need to strive for the better and believe that change is possible. And every little thing helps. This means not just thinking about physical waste, but considering digital waste as well.

Ads that don’t reach the right audience are a drain on business budget and resources. Every ad that is not seen is a waste of micro-resources. Retargeting advertising models allow you to reduce the costs of the campaign by increasing its effectiveness. Each ad is utterly insignificant when taken in isolation. However, with tens of billions of bad, average, and good ads being shown online each day, brands that are serious about sustainability should consider the efficacy of online ads as part of their policies.


You want to reach people. But do it on their terms. Users are bombarded with online ads every six seconds and become incredibly good at blocking out those that don’t speak directly to their needs and desires.

The only way to target people more effectively than your competitors is to use more powerful technology. It’s that simple. Our Deep Learning algorithms use more than just historical data. They learn from each user’s behavior to assess purchase intent and target each person at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message. With AI-based solutions, we make sure that retargeting ads are being sent to those consumers who are interested in the type of products you offer.

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Great clothing is nice to look at… the retargeting ads that promote your products should look as good as the products themselves. That doesn’t just mean linking your ads to your product feed and relying on your images. That box measuring 750 x 200 pixels needs to contain a lot of information, all of which needs to be visible, visually pleasing, and in line with your brand book. 

Good advertising for fashion brands means beautiful images. It is all about the look. Make sure to work with an ad partner, such as RTB House, which has a dedicated in-house creative team that designs ads to fit each client’s brand. We follow a ten-point audit framework to ensure that your ads are both beautiful and performant.


A good ad provides customers with the information they require to make a shopping decision. Online advertising should feel more like a recommendation from a friend than a generic product offer. Behavioral data and Deep Learning technology allow us to display the right product to the right person at the right time. 

However, when you have a sprawling product catalog and variants of every single item, the next challenge is making sure that the ad is filled with the correct information. There is no point in implementing incredible technology that can learn from user behavior if the retargeting ads you display contain incorrect links, old prices, or misleading information.

“Tailored” means “personalized”, but it also has to mean “true”. You work so hard for every click, the last thing you want is for the user to then be disappointed with your brand.


Becoming a trusted fashion retailer worthy of people’s consideration is an incredibly complex task. You are fighting against thousands of other stores, multi-vendor marketplaces, and independent traders. And you need to win (or at least compete) in so many areas: product range, site speed, customer experience, recommendations, delivery times, the checkout process, return policy, customer service, and many more…

You work tirelessly to build a good reputation, so you can’t afford to let poorly placed ads damage your image. You need to advertise on sites that promote your brand’s core values, not display ads next to content that could invoke negative associations in the recipient or even create a PR disaster for your business. Leveraging high-quality retargeting ads will allow you to maintain and improve your brand’s image. 

RTB House’s proprietary Brand Safety solution shields advertisers from around 80 million dangerous ad placements each day. The online world is becoming a safe space for brand communications.

Choose only good advertising methods for your fashion company

The best marketing campaigns require access to the latest technologies and advertising methods. We can offer you the services of experienced professionals that work with brands all over the world. If you want to find out how you can improve the quality and effectiveness of your online ad campaigns, feel free to contact us.

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