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Deep Learning-Powered Online Banner Ads for Fashion

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(Last Updated On: September 26, 2023)

The Catwalk Ready Collection of banners from RTB House proves that your online ad campaigns can be elegantly seductive whatever the context. Tailored for the user with a precision beyond even Savile Row, the Fashion-focussed creatives of RTB House are versatile yet striking, timeless yet still very much ‘now’.

Yes, the stylish and provocative designs of Paris, London, Milan, and New York, turn heads, but this collection is underpinned by a smarter dress code. Deep Learning algorithms ensure that our banners not only transform with the seasons, but change to match whichever unique individual they are shown to. 

In this article, you will:

  • Learn why Deep-Learning algorithms are a must-have
  • Peruse our show stealing creatives
  • Learn how RTB House designs winning campaigns from head to toe

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Standard Machine Learning approaches—so outmoded!  

There’s no more effective tool in online advertising than Deep Learning. It’s the most powerful type of AI, capable of analyzing many times more touchpoints in real-time than standard Machine Learning. With it, Fashion brands can better reach high value users with hyper personalized offers, increase loyalty, and optimize ROAS. 

Shoppers gravitate to more efficient and cost effective buying. Our technology helps you to more efficiently provide this luxury to your online shoppers.

Put simply; our Deep Learning-powered technology = a smarter dress code for your Fashion campaigns. When matched with the creatives you’re about to see, Deep Learning can create a deeper yearning for your brand. 

The Dedicated Banner Ad—A timeless classic

The Dedicated banner is refined and sophisticated; it showcases both your brand image, and your products in the best possible light. It not only catches the eye, but by displaying a sequence of only the most relevant items to the user, it holds the attention. 

It’s a classic look, and an essential addition to your campaign wardrobe; the ‘little black dress’ of banners.

The High Performance Banner Ad—the ‘catwalk in a nutshell’


The High Performance banner is no wallflower—it’s very name tells us that it performs, and performs well. It achieves this by showing users a selection of items that they are most likely to engage with. Items selected by Deep Learning glide into view, enlarge, then step back to let the next product shine. It’s a catwalk in a box, and invites the user to experience the flavor of your brand as your products strut their stuff. 

Lift loyalty with smarter, more accurate recommendations, and elevate your brand while doing it. 

The Social Box Ad—provocative and ultra chic

The social box is a great way to learn ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ directly from users by inspiring them to interact with your products. By invoking the visual language of social media (users can ‘like’ items by clicking on a heart icon, or tell you what they’re not into by hitting the thumbs down icon) it invites conversation and brings your brand centrestage.  

The Zipbox Ad—ready to stare?

Stop them in their tracks with this made-to-measure banner. Sleek and slinky, yet graceful, this cheeky number lifts any performance campaign. Zip it up, zip it down. It cements the integrity of your brand image with a video or still photo, and drives conversions by revealing an item selected by our algorithms, in real-time, to be the most statistically likely to enthrall.   

Turn shoppers to your brand with this enlivening banner designed to entice. 

Offer As Video Banner Ad—A firm Fashion favorite

Increasing conversions never goes out of style. This banner is always a perfect fit for Fashion campaigns. The full glory of your products comes across in the form of short video clips, hard coded within the banner. It’s a great way to nudge interest into shopping, and a visually stunning addition to the ensemble of your campaign. 

The excellence of your products is accentuated, and the sheer wearability of them brought to life with this best-in-class banner. Turn your products from intriguing to must-haves with this eye-grabbing cornerstone creative.

Data in Fashion and Sports [REPORT]
The fashion industry is in a state of rapid change... but then that’s nothing new. Top fashion brands have always sprinted from one season to the next. The real challenge is not just keeping pace with change but staying ahead of it.

The Survey Banner Ad—try it on for customer insights

Listen to what your shoppers have to say with our Survey banner. Used as part of branding campaigns, its main purpose is to gather valuable insights directly from your existing shoppers. But it also shows that you’re listening, that you care, and you’re ready to respond to customer feedback. 

Put your hand on the fabric of your customer base. Get to know shoppers while elevating your brand. 

Get the RTB House look. To your results.

For this coming season, in fact, for any coming season, Deep Learning is set to dominate, accentuating your brand by more accurately identifying consumers who are most likely to make a purchase. 

Our Brand Safety solution makes sure that your carefully cultivated brand image isn’t tarnished by your products being shown in less than flattering placements. And with our ContextAI Engine we make sure the context of a given site works for your branding campaign, not against it.    

We bring a haute couture approach to running campaigns. Great care is paid to every stitch when outfitting your campaign with the right solutions and creatives. The added granularity, focus, and control of our campaign setups are tailored to your unique goals.

And why not accessorize? Many global Fashion brands have found that we perfectly complement their retargeting set-up, and have seen significant benefits for adding us as part of a multiple retargeting strategy.  

Contact us to make your campaigns shine with a smarter dress code.

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