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Embracing the Omnichannel Experience in Home & Garden

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Last Updated on: 22nd March 2024, 09:20 am

These days, more than ever, brands, before they get consumers to buy, have to get them to feel.

The Home & Garden sector is healthy and competition levels are at an all-time high with predicted online sales of $294 billion by the end of 2022. But, what can Home & Garden brands do to continue to connect with us on a human level in a world that appears to be shifting its focus online? Well, quite a lot actually.Recent findings show that around 20% of global shoppers have purchased Home & Garden products online with an average order value of $422 in the furniture segment alone. This strongly points to a market size that is likely to comfortably exceed $40 B by 2030—the future certainly looks bright for Home & Garden ecommerce. But, what can Home & Garden brands do to continue to connect with us on a human level in a world that appears to be shifting its focus online? Well, quite a lot actually.

In this article, we dive into how omnichannel customer engagement is quickly gaining in popularity, as business owners and marketers seek to provide a seamless experience across all devices and touchpoints.

This article covers:

  • How Omnichannel keeps us “feeling”
  • How an Omnichannel approach can re-energize Home & Garden brands
  • The role of technology in an omnichannel approach

Table of Contents:

“Feeling” is the secret – and never more so than in Home & Garden

American writer Dale Carnegie was quoted as saying “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.” With this humanistic approach in mind to modern-day retail, brands worldwide need to find a way to stay emotionally connected with customers throughout all possible touchpoints, without relying solely on an online approach. But how?

Re-engage and re-energize your customers’ journey with an omnichannel approach

It will come as no shock to discover that the customer journey has significantly changed over the last few years through a mixture of intentional technology, social media influencing, and COVID-19. If it translates to a more affordable and convenient shopping experience, 90% of consumers are open to sharing their behavioral data with brands. Omnichannel solutions can provide a great way to shake up promotional and seasonal campaigns to re-engage and re-energize your customers before the competition does by:

  • Leveraging touchpoints. By analyzing and leveraging data gathered from different devices that consumers use to search for your products, a truly personalized journey can be mapped out based on consumer habits and preferences.
  • Assessing early funnel behavior. Knowing what motivates your customers early on gives you the best chance of delivering information at crucial times – especially during the initial stages to reinforce the importance of why they originally searched for your product.
  • Embracing technology. 93% of consumers expect a digital experience that matches or surpasses the in-store one. Many consumers engage in both online and in-store shopping or opt for online purchases with in-store pickup. When it comes to buying home goods, 40% of consumers primarily follow this hybrid shopping approach. Consider implementing technology that will rev up an omnichannel experience.
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RTB House – your partner behind an omnichannel approach

Embracing a digital future with a humanistic approach to keep your customers “feeling” requires a partner that understands your business needs and the marketing technologies available that can bolster an omnichannel experience. 

At RTB House, we’re able to implement innovative solutions and authenticity by truly personalizing your Home & Garden campaigns for the changing times and personas. We’re able to shape ads to individual users through Deep Learning-powered campaigns that recognize users as individuals with unique needs by building a clearer picture of them from data.

If you’d like to know more about how to thrive by building a future-proof brand and increasing customer loyalty, reach out to see how RTB House can support you in your omnichannel efforts.

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