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How Do You Increase Brand Visibility?

Increase visibility

Last Updated on: 27th September 2023, 01:20 pm

Do you want your brand to be seen by your potential customers? Sharing different types of content on the Internet is one thing, but actually being visible to users is another. How can you increase brand visibility and distinguish your marketing efforts from competitor’s campaigns? By building brand visibility with exceptional video ads. 

In this article, you will learn about:

  • What brand visibility is and why it is so important
  • What techniques can be leveraged to increase brand visibility
  • How to optimize your video ads
  • How to build a strong brand visibility strategy

Table of Contents:

Why is brand visibility important?

Brand visibility is a certain rate that tells you how well your brand is seen by the audience. Companies all around the world leverage many communication channels to promote themselves and send their message to users. Your brand’s advertising visibility is essential for your business success. Why?

  1. By assessing your brand visibility you know when you should rethink your brand’s advertising strategy and better adjust it to the market reality and user expectations by choosing different advertising techniques.
  2. Increasing brand visibility allows you to leverage the full potential of your content. Do you write interesting articles or invest in breathtaking video ads? You will surely want them to be seen by as many users as possible. Improving brand visibility helps you make the most of your resources. 
  3. Higher brand visibility makes your branding efforts more efficient. In order to be able to control how they see you, first you should ensure what percent of users actually engage in viewing the ads you create and display. 

By monitoring your brand visibility, you learn what part of the audience actually sees your message and which of your advertising efforts are effective. Just publishing your content and displaying video ads on the Internet is not a guarantee of success. You need to know how widely it is viewed by Internet users. Fortunately, there are many ways to measure your brand visibility and increase it. 

Improving brand visibility with video advertising 

These days, many say that if you’re not on the Internet, you don’t exist. For decades, TV was one of the main advertising tools. This is now changing. According to the Zenith forecast, in 2019 the average daily mobile internet content consumption was about 130 minutes. Additionally, users spent about 40 minutes surfing the internet on their computer. That is a total of 170 minutes on the Internet daily, while the average user spent 167 minutes watching TV. Of course, it is obvious that in the last few years these numbers have changed in favor of the Internet, since the usage of TV is decreasing and video streaming platforms are continuously getting more popular. The Internet may finally replace traditional TV, hence proper advertising on the internet is crucial for increasing brand visibility.

How do you increase your brand visibility?

With various marketing automation tools available on the market, competition is very tough. Still, there is one way to go ahead of the other companies in your industry – reach for the most advanced solutions offered by professionals. Leverage artificial intelligence in advertising to provide your audience with a personalized experience. Send the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Display your video advertisements with optimal frequency

The amount of videos displayed on the Internet is growing continually. We expect that in 2022, 82% of the traffic on the internet will be generated by video. Users consume video ads not only on various websites, but also in mobile applications. It seems that the future of digital advertising belongs to video content. The young generation of Internet users favors audio and visual experience over reading. Video ads also allow you to express your brand’s message appropriately in a shorter time. By regularly displaying high quality, interesting videos among the desired target group members, you can significantly increase brand visibility and gain customers’ trust.

Distinguish your brand’s video ads from other commercials 

Think about it – how many video ads that you see in a browser or mobile application actually match your interests? Today, users are affected by various types of ads, but only a part of them is related to their needs. What do we do if a video ad refers to something that we are not interested in at all? We skip it, mute it, put our smartphone down and wait until the ad ends. Imagine this happens to your ad – an ad in which you invested a lot of time and money in creating…

Show your potential customers that you care about them and their needs by better matching your videos to the user’s interests. Use video personalization to make your target users feel like the particular video was created specially for them. 

Catch the right user’s attention at the right time with the right message

Personalization and targeting are two ways to increase brand visibility effectively. They solve problems like „what message do I send and to whom?”, but there is one more left – „when?” Advanced technologies (as, for example, Deep Learning) enable companies not only to customize the content, but also to publish video content at the proper moment. As a result, you reach a higher number of desired internet users (such as those that could be interested in values offered by your organization).

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Ensure better video ad placement

Do you know how and where to best place your video ads to increase brand visibility? Good ad placement requires a lot of professional knowledge and experience in digital video marketing. Surely, with a lot of things on your plate already, you might not be able to spend too much of your time analyzing the marketing potential of the various channels on which you can place your video ads (mobile applications, websites, streaming platforms etc.). Allow experts to do that for you. 

Nowadays, marketing services providers can ensure the success of your video campaigns thanks to their access to a network of premium publishers specialized in video advertising. RTB House can support your advertising efforts by displaying your video content in the right places on the Internet and getting in touch with CTV publishers and streaming services.

Building brand visibility strategy – how do I get started?

You have an idea for amazing video ads but are not sure where to start? Sharing your needs and concepts with end-to-end digital marketing services providers such as RTB House might be just the right approach for your company. 

Planning, creating and managing video campaigns is not easy, and for those without proper experience, it may be hard to leverage the full potential of video advertising. Instead of doing it alone, you can join forces with experienced specialists that will support you in:

  • creating outstanding, high quality, dynamically personalized videos that will allow you to increase brand visibility,
  • selecting the right audience and targeting a group of users interested in your offer,
  • leveraging the most advanced technologies to ensure your video campaign’s success,
  • analyzing the results of particular campaigns and applying conclusions to the next campaigns in order to improve your brand visibility.

Video advertising is superior to other marketing techniques in many ways. Do you know that audiences remember 95% of the watched video content? At the same time, users mostly recall only about 10% of what they have read, and 80% of internet users may be influenced by your video ad for up to 30 days! If you would like to learn more about increasing brand visibility with powerful video ads, do not hesitate and contact us.

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