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What is Personalized Video Marketing and How Can it Help?

Personalized Videos

Last Updated on: 24th May 2024, 09:25 pm

A report prepared by Wave9 shows that 89% of Internet users mainly watch videos during the day on the Internet. The report by proves that the average person watches 84 minutes of videos every day. It seems that consumers prefer videos over other content on the Internet. That’s why personalized video marketing is becoming more and more important in the contemporary world. Personalized videos generate 42% more profits than non-personalized content (according to HubSpot).

In this article you will learn about:

  • personalized videos
  • video marketing
  • methods of personalization
  • benefits related to personalized video marketing

Table of Contents:

What is a personalized video?

A personalized video can be described as a video that has been customized to viewers, so the term ‘personalization’ is understood as adapting to the consumers’ needs and creating content that is personal for users. Some personalized videos include users’ names or their location. Other personalized videos are concentrated on behavioral content and the decisions made by users on the Internet. Video personalization per audience is the most scalable model. It allows you to effectively and efficiently reach the right audience with the right message. 

What are the goals for personalized video? 

When creating a personalized video, it is important to think about the target group, as well as the goals and methods. Personalized videos can have a few goals:

  • invitation to an event for customers,
  • „thank you video” to support clients (B2C or B2B),
  • tutorial videos for the customers who should learn something from the video,
  • advertise a product/service.

If you want to create a personalized video campaign for Brand Visibility – please feel free to contact us.

What data is needed to create a personalized video?

For a personalized video, it is important to prepare a targeted video campaign. How? You can start with building user interest in a specific product category. To do so, you can present a wide selection of products and emphasize the ones that fit a user’s preferences the most. RTB House possesses a Deep Learning technology, which identifies potential buyers and boosts performance via 1:1 ultra-personalized retargeting. This technology is 50% more effective than Machine Learning AI approaches. Deep Learning technology helps to properly select products or services, and it provides contextual targeting.

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Where can personalized videos be used?

Personalized video ads can be used in social media, email marketing, visibility brand campaigns on the Internet, and newsletters. You can direct users to channels where they can check out your offer, for example a mobile app. What is more, time is ticking, so the video ad should be rather short to hold the attention of the user. At the end of the personalized video ad, there should be a ‘call to action’. 

When it comes to personalization related to user behavior, we must mention all retargeting activities that marketing automation allows. We can remind the user about previously viewed products or items left in the basket through various access channels. This is a great opportunity to implement dedicated cross-selling and up-selling campaigns to our e-marketing. They will not only increase the value of our baskets, but also increase the loyalty of our customers and improve their shopping experience.

Best practices and solutions for creating personalized videos 

We provide video campaigns for many corporations. Below you can find three sample video campaigns for large companies that have brought excellent results. 

1. Audi

  • the video campaign was created to build awareness for Audi (model Q5) San Francisco,
  • it is a huge challenge to measure the engagement rate of CTV and OTT ads, so Audi San Francisco needed a partner to understand and maximize the value of data,
  • the solution: we prepared high-quality creatives with QR codes for triggering user engagement,
  • the results: 372 ad engagements, a CPV 25% lower than in the industry, 96% video completion rate. 

2. Honda

  • Our campaign to promote the new Honda Jazz Hybrid and Jazz Crostars models, as well as to reach the new audience and to increase engagement
  • the solution: the funnel campaign based on AI and concentrated on identifying consumers on different stages of displaying ads, also soft streaming video ads were played for less engaged users; the users were able to see catchy display creatives and also they were able to vote (to increase the engagement)
  • results: KPI goals exceeded by 300%, 90% awareness to users (who were previously not engaged with Honda), 300% increase in user engagement. 

3. Stock Center

  • our campaign: a new branding media strategy for Stock Center and an increase in engagement, 
  • the solution: creation of video ads based on a unique Deep Learning technology
  • results: 80% more viewability on video ads, 6 times higher user engagement.


The personalized video can increase the engagement of users, so people are more likely to notice products that are presented in an interesting way. Video marketing also builds trust between the brand and the customer, because it influences emotions and triggers audience engagement much more than any other form of communication. There are also more and more tools available on the market, which allow you to create movies of better quality than before. 

James McQuivey, a specialist in digital marketing, estimated that a minute-long video corresponded to 1.8 million words (don’t take this too literally though!). This means that a short, personalized video will provide the consumer with more data than traditional, written text, which the recipient has to spend much more time reading. The video material tailored to the needs of the individual influences the emotions of the consumer, becoming a motive for purchasing a product or service. In marketing the quality of the message is of great importance. However, it seems that the correct personalization of the video is even more important. That is why it is worth entrusting it to professionals.

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