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[Video #3] How Much Will Your Bidding Efficiency Drop without 3rd-party Cookies?

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Last Updated on: 20th March 2023, 04:37 pm

Online advertisers and retailers deal in specific numbers and hard data. When you have millions of monthly site visitors, a fractional increase in conversion rates or average order volumes can bring significant value to business results. 

The fear around the phasing out of 3rd-party cookies is that bidding efficacy will be severely impacted. Advertisers need assurances that their campaigns will still be performant, that results will be measurable, and that the upcoming change will not be disruptive to business. Thankfully, RTB House has been working on the answer to this problem and has the backing of WC3 and Google for our Outcome-based TURTLEDOVE proposal.

Find out more about how we are ensuring that bidding efficacy will be maintained in the 3rd video from our Cookieless Future series, hosted by our experts Laurie da Silva and Richard Johnson.

[Full transcription below]