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[Video #1] Will Retargeting Die Without 3rd Party Cookies?

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Last Updated on: 24th May 2024, 09:32 pm

When you run a business, reaching the right customers with your offers is one of the fundamental requirements for success. All of the uncertainty around whether this will still be possible when Google switches off 3rd-party cookies is obviously a worry — especially as things are moving fast and it is difficult to keep up with the news. We can’t all be experts. 

Luckily, we have experts on hand so you don’t have to be one. Laurie da Silva and Richard Johnson are hosting a new series of snackable videos on The Cookieless Future. They give a point-by-point breakdown for newcomers and more detailed explanations for those familiar with the subject. Watch the first video now, which talks about whether the end of cookies means the end of advertising. And, if not, what is set to replace them? Get to know more about advertising without cookies.

[Full transcription below]