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[Video #5] Will You Be Able to Conduct a Full-funnel Marketing Strategy Without 3rd-party Cookies?

Cookieless future videos - fifth episode

Last Updated on: 10th November 2023, 11:26 am

Conducting a full-funnel marketing strategy does not mean targeting everyone in your funnel and pushing them toward conversion. A good full-funnel strategy takes into account how ready different users are for conversion, and serves them with appropriate advertising. For buyers in the conversion stage, who have strong purchase intent, effective ads show specific products and offers and make clicking and converting easy. However, in the upper funnel, you may want people to feel a connection with your brand and plant a seed that grows over time, allowing them to make better purchasing decisions later on. This may take the form of more aspirational or engaging content that makes a real impression.

This kind of contextual analysis of intent and behaviors requires powerful technology. At RTB House, we use the most effective Deep Learning algorithms to achieve this. However, when 3rd-party cookies are switched off in 2022, will it be possible to measure intent so accurately to build bonds with online users? In episode 5 of our Cookieless Future video series, Laurie da Silva and Richard Johnson show how a full-funnel approach will still be possible with only a slight reimagining of the current processes.

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